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As part of an undergraduate Introduction to Neuroscience class at Boston College, the renowned Dr. Joseph Burdo in supporting the Society of Neuroscience has commissioned his students to improve existing Wikipedia articles pertaining to various neuroscience-related topics. After a semester of work, my group members and I will have updated an article significantly for use by the entire Wikipedia community.

The class link is User:NeuroJoe/BI481 Spring 2011

I will be working with my partners Philip Johnson and Cynthia Cepeda on this project.

The one page proposal outlining the important details of the project are found in the following link: The Cushing Reflex.

For my peer reviews, I have commented on the talk pages of Referred itch, Glia limitans, and Neurapraxia

Thank you to Professor Burdo, all of my BC peers, and all members of the Wikipedia community for helping me to improve the Cushing Reflex article and assisting me with this enriching and interesting class project.