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I am reachable at secondsightwp ATgmailDOTcom.

Main contributions[edit]

My main contributions to Wikipedia
Article Contribution
Seduction community researched and total rewrite from scratch after an old version was deleted
Average frustrated chump rewrote most of it and added sources
Nice guy researched and wrote from scratch
Love-shyness heavily revised some sections
Pickup 101 rewrote and added sources
Badboy Lifestyle rewrote

Articles in progress[edit]

The Seduction Community[edit]

I am sporadically working on expanding and improving pages related to the Seduction community. I started the current version of the Seduction community article, and I have edited, rewrote, or helped save (or occasionally delete) various articles about seduction gurus and concepts.

My biases[edit]

To lay out my biases, I have participated in the Seduction community, and I think that it is a positive force on the whole. That being said, I have many criticisms of the current form of the community, and I have ethical problems with certain specific seduction techniques and mindsets. Even though many people may have a higher or lower opinion of the community than I do, I think that it is an important phenomenon that is worthy of documentation (as supported by reliable secondary sources).

Starting new pages relating to the seduction community[edit]

I have started several seduction community related pages, and helped save others from deletion, so here are some tips:

  • Before creating a page, make sure you understand the basic concepts of verifiability, neutral point of view, and notability. This will save you a lot of time arguing with other editors, and possibly save the article from deletion. If I find the article, it also saves me from having to scramble to rewrite it and find sources for it if it gets put up on Articles for Deletion.
  • Don't have commercial links that aren't actually sources for the article. Otherwise, the links are spam and will be removed, often by me personally. There was a case a while back where someone went around every article relating to the community and added links to Mystery's website, so I had to go around removing them (there have been similar cases of spamming commercial links for other gurus also).
  • Wikipedia is not part of the seduction community. It is not a place to advertise seduction gurus and services, or provide reviews (unless they are in reliable secondary sources), even though seduction information might be very helpful for many people reading wikipedia. I've seen many cases of biased language praising seduction gurus on their pages, which take for granted that their tactics work and are a good thing. For instance, a page on Guru X should never say something like "Guru X created revolutionary new tactics for the attraction phase," even if such statement is true, and even if it would not be seen as controversial by pickup artists. That is because "revolutionary" is a value-judgment (of course, if you were citing a source like a journalist saying that Guru X's tactics were revolutionary, that would be fine). Furthermore, referring to the "attraction phase" should not occur without quotation marks or italics, because it is a piece of seduction jargon that the average reader of wikipedia may not understand or accept. No jargon should be used that is not explained, either in parentheses afterwards, or earlier in the article, on in the main seduction community article.
  • Be aware that some wikipedia editors don't seem to like articles relating to the seduction community, which has the effect of holding those articles to a higher standard than other articles.
  • If you are interested in starting a page relating to the seduction community, you are welcome to leave a message on my talk page, and I will put it on my watchlist. Maybe I can help improve the article, provide sources, or help save the page from being deleted (if I think it can be saved, which it will be if it has at least a source or two).


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