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My handle is Seitori, and I am a graduate student at Oregon State University. The name "Seitori" is a bastardization of a Japanese word construction (聖鳥 if you can view Japanese script on your computer) meaning "holy bird." This comes from the concept of the Phoenix, one I find absolutely fascinating. I have a knack for trivia, perhaps due to a somewhat eidetic memory. I can remember things with accuracy if I see them written, but less so if they are spoken. I also have a natural attunement for East Asia.


I am an avid student of public policy, international relations, and the video game industry. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that these are listed in increasing order of my expertise in each field. My study of public policy currently focuses primarily on small urban development, and my international relations expertise is primarily in East Asia, international systems theory, international security and defense. My expertise in the video game industry is strongest in the period from 1995 to 2003, in either the console or PC gaming sectors. I especially like analyzing the business side of the industry, looking at market share and sales predictors to gauge and identify the relative strengths of key players.

I dislike faulty generalizations, facts without citations, doing research, and fanboy/fangirlism.

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