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No one called me About their San Clemente high school reunion not that it was your responsibility at all but you know how my short-term memory sucks! Lol I guess I was more of a 'DOLPHIN' even though I went to both high schools... Speaking of 'DOLPHINS'... Do I have a story for you you probably should know about. Remember the dead dolphin that was hanging from our flagpole... at Dana Hills...I'm not sure you've heard THIS story but you might say I heard it from the 'Dolphin's mouth'. May as well have the real story instead of people believing all these stupid rumors that have been going around for years. I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED And how it got there EXACTLY. Because as it turns out I WAS DATING THAT PERSON ONE of 'those persons'... Who all went to San Clemente HIGH SCHOOL at the time And THAT my friends IS ONE OF 2 Reasons WHY I am NOT dating him anymore. I didn't realize until recently how much it really upset me I realize it was a long time ago but it's another reason I know I'm more of a DOLPHIN then A TRITON. My loyalty has to go to Dana Hills High School. Because I went there the longest and that's where I was supposed to go; even though we ALL went to Marco Forrester and San Clemente together AND My Bestest girlfriends are from San Clemente. You yourself SUE...;) I love you you know that... Why the FUDGE didn't you remind me about the reunion?!?! ...It's not your responsibility but you could have given me a quick phone call you or Julie. I always think of you guys...:( but aside from that you guys look marvelous and look like you guys were having fun I'm just bummed I wasn't there to be with you guys and see my other classmates. Plus You and Julie weren't really good friends until we all went to Nickelback for my birthday... I have to admit I'm just a little hurt. At least just called me and left a message I would've called you guys. OK we're back to the 'Dolphin on the FLAGPOLE. when he told me and relived the whole incident as he was telling me and was STILL proud of doing that and THAT IS WHY I am coming out with it... Because I realized at the time I Kinda had a sick feeling in my stomach and I just kind of brushed it off but that was NOT right and it doesn't set a good example for our younger generation and children to brag about it. That's probably the reason why I couldn't get intimate with him. And I couldn't figure that out for the longest time because he's such a good guy but I remember when he was telling me about it he thought I went to JUST San Clemente High School And when I told him I went to Dana Hills and I was a DOLPHIN .... He walks me over to a picture hanging on the wall FRAMED at his parents house of the photo that was in the San Clemente Sun Post newspaper of the dolphin hanging from the flagpole. (which I took a picture of a long with a bunch of other pictures of shells and photos on the wall that were pretty but I just took a picture that cause just couldn't believe it).. And tells me that story bragging and after that moment I just didn't like him anymore and from that moment on I could not be with him and never took the next step in our relationship... And I didn't realize that was the reason I wasn't attracted to him& didn't like him but THAT IS THE REASON I didn't like him anymore subconsciously and nothing all of the kings horses and all the kings men was going to get me in bed with him.