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nimbosa here

No tengo ningun problema, soy discreto, independiente, vivo solo, y me encanta la gente madura. Me gusta tener amigas con las que puedo compartir y aprender en diferentes situaciones. Viajar, la música y el cine son mis principales pasatiempos.

I have been on the English Wikipedia since April 2006, but this account that I have now is a new fresh start from 2013.

I have finally decided to stop hiding from public view and now actively participates in social life in the community and on the web, as well. I am now actively multiplying on the web, and coming nearer to you.. reflections of me can be found on 360°, 43people, allConsuming, and Most of the content we create online are ephemeral in nature and most of them now no longer exist, so I am striving everyday to make a lasting contribution to humanity in small ways.