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This is who I am; most of what I do is random minor additions and edits to miscellaneous pages, often but not always Jewish ones.


My major contribution is as co-creator of Rabbi Moshe Shmuel Glasner, along with User:Dglasner. I have been doing major work on this page, and I am responsible for perhaps half its content.

I also inspired a dramatic revision of Tikkun Olam by User:Egfrank, to reflect the fact that Orthodox Judaism has an important ethical/moral practical philosophy of tikkun olam besides the Lurianic Kabbalistic one; see my talk page regarding this. I have thenceforth contributed several remarks, mostly footnotes on Rav Hirsch's Horeb and rabbis with similar philosophies (Hertz, Epstein, Berkovits, etc.). I also contributed the text on Lurianic Kabbalah according to Derech Hashem.

To the articles on Biblical Archaeology and William F. Albright, I contributed the text invoking articles from Azure and the Shalem Center on the fact that not all Biblical archaeological studies discount the veracity of the Biblical account.


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