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Smallville: Season 8[edit]

Episode 10: Bulletproof[edit]

Starring in this episode are Tom Welling as Clark Kent (Smallville),Chloe Sullivan,{[Oliver Queen]] as Green Arrow, Cassidy Freeman as Tess Mercer playing the CEO of LuthorCorp after Lex Luthor's disappearance. Kristin Kreuk makes a guest appearance as Lana Lang (Smallville). This episode is written by Bryan Miller, directed by Morgan Beggs and produced by Miles Millar and Alfred Gough. [1]

This episode is dealing with Clark's investigation in the Metropolis Police, caused by an attack at John Jones. Furthermore Lana confronts Tess Mercer with her knowledge about the Paramedics program and utters her suspicion that Lex Luther is alive and that Tess knows where he is. Tess threatens Lana with a weapon in order to stop her from asking about the Paramedics program because as she says it is the only chance to cure Les Luther. She discovers that Lex Luther implanted a Nano device in Tess' eye in order to monitor her and reveals her discovery to Tess. Tess is disappointed in her loyalty to Lex Luther who is alive and kept alive in a secret place. Obviously Tess is running a program that is his only chance for cure. In the end she seems to have changed her mind. She cuts off the connection to him and wants to sell all of his belongings.


Guest appearance


Detective John Jones is pursuing a suspect, when he finally succeeds in capturing him and is returning to his car now alone, he is shot in the back. You can see that the shot wears a Metropolis Police badge.

In the next scene we see Lana Lang (Smallville) and Tess talk about victory and that true victory means victory over oneself. Lana accuses Tess to invest too much of LuthorCorp's money in a project called “Promedias” and doubts whether Lex Luthor would have left his legacy, that is the control over his corporation, to her if he knew about it. Furthermore she suggests that Lex is still alive and that Tess knows where he is. Lana is obviously recording her conversation with Tess without her knowing.

Clark plans an investigation about the crime on John Jones and Chloe Sullivan helps him searching the profiles of policemen that where gathered in the past. They learn that an evidence is missing and Clark confirms to Chloe that he returned that bullet to the police. Clark reveals his suspicion that the attack on Jon Johns could have been an “inside job”, committed by policemen and that somebody in higher ranks should know more about it. Chloe wants to help him to make up a false identity as a policemen because she doubts that they would trust a reporter.

When Lana tries to transfer the recorded data she realizes that she is receiving data from an unknown wifi device. After a while Tess appears and threatens Lana with a weapon. Tess wants her to stop asking about “Promedias” because it is the only chance to cure Lex Luthor. They start fighting and Lana ends up facing Tess and holding her at the gunpoint. She shows her that Lex Luthor was monitoring all her doings through a Nano device that was installed in one of her eyes.

In the next scene Clark is watching Danny, the policeman who has become his partner when he apparently came to the Metropolis Police Department, beating up the criminal whom he suspects to be his former partner's murder. Then Green Arrow appears and puts Danny and his friends into flight.

Oliver Queen visits Clark on the Kent Farm and and shows him photographs of the criminal that John Jones was chasing before he was shot. The criminal was drowned in the cold sea and Oliver tells Clark about his suspicion that Danny and his men are taking the law in their own hands.

Danny supposes Clark to be not the person he pretends to be. Danny and his men try to lure Clark into a trap and hide the rifle that resembles the one that was used to commit the assault on Jon Johns in the back of a car where Clark detects it at once with his supernatural powers. In the next moment policemen appear and arrest him.

When Clark is driven away, Danny's men attack the pharmacy predator during another one of them is aiming at him with another rifle. Green Arrow appears and tries to put Danny's squad in the flight one more time, but the shot attacks him. In the meantime Clark escapes the policemen and prevents the shot from hurting Green Arrow.

Tess is facing a mirror and talks to Lex Luthor assuming he can see and hear her through the implanted Nano device. She is saying goodbye to him, she says that she respected and loved him. Then she pushes the button that is connecting her to him. The monitor before Lex becomes indistinct. Now the audience can see that Lex Luther is still alive but lacks his former power. The newspaper on her table announces his death. In the meanwhile Tess invites Oliver Queen to a dinner to talk over a merger.





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