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ShakingBot is a fully human-assisted bot which is used by ShakingSpirit to make minor fixes to articles that would be drudgery to do by hand (including disambig repair, stub sorting, typo-fixing, etc). WP:BOT states that human-assisted bots do not need to go through bot approvals, and so ShakingBot is both un-approved and un-flagged.
ShakingBot was originally intended as a bot which checks an article's external links to ensure each link is alive and working. If it found a bad link, it would post a notice on the article's talk page, and tag the link. This is being put on hold after several suggestions and ideas from other Wikipedians which ShakingSpirit would love to include, but currently he doesn't posses the knowledge of Python required to code them right now. It's fully expected that one day ShakingBot will fulfill this function.