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Epupa hydroelectric waterfall[edit]

Epupa hydro electric is a power station electricity in Namibia and is located at Ruacana waterfall in Kunene region near the borders of Namibia and Angola. This station is one of the most attractive places found Namibia.Hyphaene palms are common and luxuriant at Epupa, attracting peripheral species found nowhere else in Namibia. This is the main power supply found in Namibia and mostly used by foreign when they are entering our country to visit and see how electricity is generated in our country and the increase the fund paid by the foreign to the government when the visitors are paying.This help in development of our country and raise the money to help the government in providing school,hospital roads etc.

The river is typically confined to rocky gorges for most of its 340 km journey along the border of Angola.Flow to the sea is never closed off, even though it may naturally slow to a trickle in September–October. Epupa Falls, about 190 km upstream, is the last major waterfall along this very steep river that flows for 1,050 km from source (in the Angolan highlands) to mouth. Under the ministry of Mines and Energy under the control of NAMPOWER,this hydro-power is providing power not only in Namibia but also distributing electricity to some of the neighboring countries like Angola,Botswana,Zambia.etc.