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ip test

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== CT:




(c) Lower bound: m_1 pulls on m_2 (b) upper bound: m_2 pulls on m_1. (a)

static friction ALWAYS is higher than kinetic friction, so this narrows down the bonds. So...m_2 is between





The diagrams:

Voyager 1 Crosses a New Frontier and May Save Itself From Termination - Science Magazine

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multiple hypotheses: if one fails, u have other choices.

FOr example, info transfer.

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== Sleep deprivation => helps depression Food deprivation => forces mitochondria build-up, decrease insulin resistance

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attributing ur success to God when so many poor people remain unsuccessful => solipism

While Magnetohydrodynamics is technically used for fluids with collisions, . MHD is uncannily accurate in describing plasma behavior. The solar wind beyond 10 solar radii (=0.0464912633 AU) is completely collisionles. Nonetheless, MHD models describe its velocity, temperature, and density well, including shock waves.

While the appropriate theory for collisionless plasmas is kinetic plasma theory derived from Vlaslov's equation, the Vlaslov's equation is far more mathematically complex than MHD, so usually confined to calculating effective transport coefficients and modeling localized effects such as shock structure.

This is because both ideal MHD and collisionless systems have many similarities. Among them include the conservation of mass, momentum and energy. Dissipation processes, rare in collisionless processes, are cases when ideal MHD becomes problematic. Moreover, collisionless plasmas that contain particles undergoing gyro-motion with dominating ExB drift will obey ideal MHD Ohm's law where the magnetic field will be frozen into the plasma.