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((Please note: This is a change from my previous terms, available here. As such, these terms came into affect two weeks after I posted these terms, on June 7th, 2008))

My terms of recall are simple. An editor can initiate a recall attempt if they disagree with an administrative action I have taken. I will appoint a neutral clerk to handle the recall request. Any request not based on Wikipedia policy or on a non-administrative action, or deemed frivolous by the clerk (for example, "I don't like his user page") can be removed by the clerk.

Once a recall request has been certified by the clerk, any five editors in good standing, including the original requester, can request that I be recalled. (see below for a definition of "editor in good standing"). The original requester shall be considered the first request. These requests must be placed within two weeks of the recall request being certified.

If this threshold has been reached, I will voluntarily relinquish my administrator privileges. If the threshold is NOT met, then the recall attempt will be considered to have failed, and will be archived.

Please note: Once a recall request has been completed, any new attempts to recall for the same incident (ie, bring new "misbehavior" forward, not behavior covered by the previous request) will be removed by the clerk. The clerk will have discretionary powers to request this page be protected or blanked if in their opinion, this page is being used in a bad-faith manner.

Terms for editor in good standing:

  • At least 500 Mainspace edits
  • 3 Months of editing
  • Not blocked
  • Not named in an ongoing ArbCom case

I wish to request that SirFozzie be recalled

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