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Charles Wells. Currently living in Minnesota, USA.


Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Case Western Reserve University. I taught there for about 35 years, with sabbatical interruptions at ETH Zürich (in math) and Oxford University (in computing science). I have had a research career in mathematics in finite fields, group theory and category theory. In the last twenty years I have also been interested in the language of mathematics and related issues concerning teaching and communicating abstract ideas.

Web Presence[edit]

Gyre&Gimble Blog on the language of math, category theory, and teaching abstract ideas. Website for university-level math students.

CWRU website. Research papers and other info.


Michael Barr and Charles Wells, Toposes,Triples and Theories (revised edition), Reprints in Theory and Application of Categories, 12, 2005.

Michael Barr and Charles Wells, Category Theory for Computing Science, Centre de recherches mathématiques CRM, 1999. This book is not listed on Amazon.

Charles Wells, "A Handbook of Mathematical Discourse", Infinity Publishing. 2003.


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