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Hello! Welcome to SkippyTheWonder's User Page!

Author, SkippyTheWonder with one of her horses. The horse pictured is her 3 year old Unregistered Tobiano Paint Mare named Liberty.

I am a 20 year old Riding Instructor and Equine Trainer that is currently in Sumter, SC. I pride myself in my knowledge of horses, and my first crowning achievements in Wikipedia was when I wrote my first article about Breeding Stock Paint horses. Skippy!, my first horse, is a Breeding Stock Paint, so I was delighted to write the article about him. My grammar is not good, but my knowledge is. I have a bad habit of using too many commas, and not capitalizing my I's. I also wrote the Tovero article. The mare pictured is my horses mother. I like to stick my nose into other horse articles and clean up spelling errors and add facts as needed.

I own a few horses. My favorite breed of horse is the American Paint Horse and the American Quarter Horse. Like many other girls I also adore Andalusians, Gypsy Vanners, Friesians, and Lippizaners but they are not practical, nor affordable. My current horses are:

Skippy!: Self Proclaimed Wonder Horse. An eleven year old Breeding Stock Paint horse featured in my Breeding Stock Paint article. He is a chestnut gelding with a coronet band on his front left leg, two stockings in the back, and a crooked blaze on his head (A Star, Stripe and Snip). The exclamation point is part of his name. Both parents were registered with the APHA (Sire was Dues American Dream. Dam was Sweet N Silk) We chose not to register him.

Jasmine: Twenty-one year old Buttermilk Buckskin Quarter Horse. Registered with the AQHA under the name Skips Supreme Lass (no relation to Skippy!). Featured in the Buckskin (color) article (the photo on the upper right hand part of the article, being barrel raced by me). She is also featured in the two "External Links" titled: "A Buttermilk Buckskin Quarter Horse Mare" and "A Buttermilk Buckskin Quarter Horse Mare and her Buttermilk Buckskin foal". The first image is Jasmine and I team penning, and the other is of Jasmine and her last foal, a colt named Dundee. Jasmine has a back right sock and a star.

Sweetie: Thirteen year old tovero paint mare. Registered with the APHA under the name Sweet N Silk. Sweetie is featured in the Tovero article, as well as the Breeding Stock Paint article (since she is Skippy!'s mother). Sweetie is mostly white with some black on her haunches, a black shield over her face (a shield is like a bald face only instead of being white, its another color) and two blue eyes. She carries the Lethal White gene, and has thrown two Lethal White foals with her previous owner. Skippy! was her first foal. Every baby she has thrown after him (with the exception of the lethal whites) has been mostly white paints.

Joey: Ten year old blanket appaloosa gelding. Registered with the ApHC under the name Joe Bar Star. He is a reining horse and is very well rounded and easy to ride. He has a sock on his back right leg, and a star on his forehead. He is a blue roan color except for his blanket, which is white with black spots.

Raindancer: Ten month old tobiano unregistered bay paint filly. The easiest filly I've ever handled. Rain is very agreeable and friendly. She is also one of the first paint horses I have ever worked with that has a wonderful build on her. Her short name is "Rain" and her last owner named her Rain after the mare on Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron though she looks absolutely -nothing- like the mare.

Liberty: Four year old unregistered chestnut tobiano paint mare. The newest acquisition to my herd. Like Rain, she is extremely friendly and built exceptionally well for a paint horse, yet she still has very ouchie feet. I don't know much else about Liberty as of yet, because I purchased her on 10/30/06. Liberty is the horse pictured on the top of this article.