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Infamous[[1]] rendering of human brain from Cogntive Science article

  SKYchild  is...

(0) not a watermelon. For example, see those other fruits and vegetables.,

(1) is currently (circa 2013) studying information security because the material is challenging and important,

(2) loves jazz,

(3) socially liberal,

(4) a non-practicing vegetarian and hypothetical anti-food-ist,

(5) toggles often unknowingly the Master Switch[2]; weather permitting,

(6) is an avid hobby-tautologist,

(7) described as a "pugnacious self-replicator" with some accuracy,

(8) holds an above average best answer ratio at YAHOO!ANSWERS and is currently working on getting his test scores up to meet the strict criteria for entry to TNS Triple_Nine_Society[3] which may prove, "harder than thought."

(9) never said never.

Four balls, with strings, in a cradle; one ball moving on the outside strikes the inner balls, causing the right-most ball to keep moving; this picture is in constant motion
All the time in the world...

(10) is on-again / off-again in the process of building Infinite Logic as a language tool: (currently OFF),

(11) wishes the values of transparency and neutrality that the Wikipedia community so closely embraces could be exported to society at large,

(12) is heir apparent of a blunderous track record of de-obfuscation.

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