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I am an programmer/engineer working in the field chip design. In reality, I'm Bill Cox, and my e-mail already gets spammed to death, so here it is again: Feel free to e-mail me if I need to correct something stupid that I've done.

If you've found this page, you probably did so due to my continuing inability to keep my fingers out of things I know practically nothing about. I get paid to work on configurable logic architectures, but I like to dabble in peer-to-peer networking, and just about any other interesting sort of algorithm. Like many of us, most of the cool things I've accomplished so far I've done after being told that either it couldn't be done, or I'm not capable of doing it. I'm too lazy to make a proper web page, so I'll end this here with a link to another web page I'm too lazy to build: my crummy web page. You may be able to find out more about me at The only publications I claim credit for are patents, which can be found by searching for Cox and either QuickLogic or ViASIC.