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A Fair Go[edit]

A encyclopedia for humans needs to be built in an evironment in which humans are nurtured and developed in ways that add to their lives and to the qualitty of life of those around them.

WP community standards would be bettered by having all Wikipedians required to facilitate A Fair Go for all Wikipedians they are interacting with.

This would cut through the gaming, the personal attacks & the dismisal of inexperienced Wikipedian's views.

Rather, to be seen as a Wikipedian of good standing, drawing out the views of others, supporting inexpereinced users in accessing WP policy, guidelines and processes, and addressing the actions of those trying to game the system would be the benchmark.

And Sitting Bull will not arrive with 50 Lakota warriors,

and you will not be shot like Jack Ruby,

and you will not fall to the floor in the corridor, like Winston Smith,

and your head not be taken for reward, like Yagan's,

and your clothing will be left at the boab tree,

and your bones and spirit will be thrown into the wide and long wall that they build to keep the fearful from the fierce,

and there remain, until your Talk page turns to dust.

Which would seem a long time.

But it's already reduced below dust to zeroes and ones.

You are already free.