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General Facts and Doo-Dahs[edit]

I am not that new to the wonderful world of wikia: in fact I generally just roam from wiki to wiki as an anonymous person, since I haven’t really found a wiki I’d been interested in.

While I can be as sweet as a pile of jelly beans, I would like to warn you that I am a very defensive person who does not feel like it is respectable for anybody to attack anyone else, regardless of status. But you shouldn’t worry too much because I haven’t really witnessed anything too bizarre here. But please just keep in mind that if I ever receive any lip, I will deliver lip back for self defense. So please try to respect me, and I’ll do the same for you, okay?

But regardless of my ‘temper problems’, I am a very dedicated wikier. I can create pages, add pictures and am currently teaching myself how to add references and citations. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone here. I hope I can meet more members, since I only ‘met’ two and I’d certainly like to meet more!

So……..yeah. That’s it. I apologize for my mood problems, but please understand that I’m a bit ‘like a mirror’s reflection’. So if somebody is a tad rude, then I’ll deliver the mood right back. But mostly I’m a very kind, bubbly person who can be very dedicated and loyal to anyone and anything!