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Hi there and welcome to my user page!

Gender - male otaku with a sense of humor

Hobbies - playing video games, reading manga and watching anime

Interests - why should you know!? The 12th Pokemon movie! Arceus! There you go! (or "Aruceus" if you're Japanese)

Pet peeves - peeves used as pets

Location - insert location name here

Friends - (bleep), (bleep), and (bleeeeep)

Comments - Your balls - I found the way to counterattack them! (wields baseball bats)

Spontaneous combustion - combustion that is spontaneous

Anything else - -hee-hee-hee-! >83 ...No.

How the Japanese say it - Yuxie, MespIrit, AzUlf, DiaRUga, PaRUkia, GirUtina, HeatUran, RegigigUs, CrUsselia, ManUphy, DarkUrai, ShayUmin, ArUceus

Alternate names - You-see, Me-spirit, An-elf, Sundial, Polka, A-giraffe-named-tina, HeatRUN, RegigiGAS, Selling-a-cres, ManaTEE, Darth-arise, Shay-mints, GOD IN POKEMON FORM AND HES THAT DAMN AWESOME!!!!!1!!11!!one! !

.... and that's it for now!