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I know this isn't _meant_ for use as a general TODO list, but why let that stop me?

  • Eee
    • Hwclock hang on startup / shutdown (UIE? nmi_watchdog=1?).
    • Card readers
      • Internal card reader not detected on boot (need to insert card and hotplug external reader?). sdparm says MODE SENSE not ready - is that expected with no card present? How about trying sg_inq?
      • Hang caused by above problem which should not happen. Alan Stern has made it go away now (with a patch).
      • External card reader with card hangs on suspend. Only with extended last sector bug fix. Now unreproducable.
      • Extended last sector bug. FIXED <2.6.27-rc2>.
    • Wireless
      • Ath5k fails on resume (MSI). PATCH, Rafael.
    • Failure to shutdown properly.
      • Original problem appears to have been due to snd-hda-intel; was not a major problem because a) I don't shut down; b) I didn't have KDE sound notifications enabled, so I didn't play sound on shutdown, so hardware was in power saving mode. Is this related to the position buffer fix for shutdown on other asus hardware? Or maybe the eeepc specific model?
      • I now have sound notifications enabled, and it doesn't always happen. I'm not sure when it does happen, whether it is random or not.
    • ACPI hotkeys / EC bug
      • severe, workaround poll-harder PATCH, akpm.
      • 1019 laggy fix pending.
  • Singularity
    • Suspend
      • Broken MSI (killed ahci). FIXED <2.6.27-rc3>
      • Occasional resume failure w/ disk light on. UNKNOWN <2.6.26>. Awaiting higher stability.
      • Corrupt PMDs on resume <2.6.27-rc1>. Rafael, Hugh, UNKNOWN. Attempt to narrow down responsible files within the ~100 bisection blackspot.
  • Untested
    • Nova.
    • MTP.
    • Acer laptop.
  • Cheap Mp3, last 81 sectors. Unknown, FIXED <2.6.27-rc3> + AlanS (or earlier).