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Oi! My name is Virginia. I was raised in Petaluma, California until my parents and I relocated to Pennsylvania when I was twelve. I graduated from Abington Friends School, a private Quaker high school, where I was voted by my class to be the "most artistic" and "most likely to marry Johnny Depp". I am currently attending Villa Julie College in Maryland, where I am an Interdisciplinary Major studying Theatre and English Writing with a minor in Philosophy. Aside from being a student, I have a part time secretarial job at Greenfields Nursery and Lanscaping Company. I act in Theatre and Film productions, and have done some fashion, commercial and artistic modeling. As a writer, my passions lie with short stories, creative non-fiction, and the magic realism genre. I have been interested in ethology all of my life, and am especially fascinated with primatology and the work of Jane Goodall. Although I don't want a career as a visual artist, I still make sure that art is a part of my life. I experiment with different mediums--I paint, draw, photograph and collage--but scratchboard is my absolute favorite. I played the classical flute for nine years, and was an equestrian rider for ten. I have some experience as a gymnast and ballet/modern dancer. I love learning languages, tasting exotic foods, and traveling. I love to teach others and, most of all, to discover new things. My areas of expertise and interest include Existentialism, Equestrianism, Psychology, Animal Behavior and Modeling