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Rachael Nedrow
Nedrow holding a trophy from the 2009 Oregon State Championships.
Born (1995-04-30) April 30, 1995 (age 23)
Known forViral YouTube videos, fastest female Sport Stacker in the world (2009) and current fastest female in the United States.

Rachael Nedrow (born April 30, 1995), a Chinese American from Portland, Oregon is an online personality who posts Sport stacking videos on YouTube. She is also unofficially the second fastest female Sport Stacker in the world for the cycle and officially the fastest female in the United States.

Nedrow also holds all three of the individual Sport Stacking records for Oregon, as well as the Oregon parent/child doubles record with her father[1]. She was the Oregon champion of the Oregon State Championships in the years 2009 and 2010, and the winner of the NW Regional Sport Stacking Championships in 2010. On November 28th, 2009, she unofficially became the fastest female stacker in the world in the individual cycle event of Sport Stacking with a time of 6.34 seconds. Since then, she has been beaten by a German named Jill Claas.

Nedrow is mostly known for her viral YouTube videos (where she has gathered over 24 million total hits on 183 videos) [2], where she goes by the YouTube name, speedstackinggirl. Her most well-known video, titled "7.00!!! OMG!!! NEW PB! OMG!! OMG!!! SO CLOSE TO SIX!!"[3] has been featured on numerous websites and TV shows. The video shows Nedrow beating her Sport Stacking cycle record with a time of 7.00 seconds, then reacting animatedly with numerous exclamations of "oh my gosh". It has been featured on the television shows: Attack of the Show!, Tosh.0, and Time Warp (TV series) where she was also invited to film an episode called "Coasters, Cars, Cups, and Cans", aired on Wednesday October 14th, 2009, with fellow Sport Stackers Steven Purugganan and Emma Slabach. She has also appeared in a commercial for Palos Community Hospital (Illinois).

Her video was also found by musician Sonny Moore, known professionally as Skrillex. In his second EP, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, released on October 25, 2010, Nedrow's voice from her video is featured in two of the tracks: "Rock N' Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain)" and "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" where a small number of "oh my gosh"'s are heard.

Nedrow has personally appeared on America's Got Talent Season 5 where she performed in the Keller Auditorium in Portland, Oregon in 2010 [4]. As a result from that performance, she was featured in The Oregonian [5] and Willamette Week[6]. She was also filmed for a local Portland news station at Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in the summer of 2010.

She will be attending Duke University beginning fall 2013.

Sport Stacking Records[edit]

Sport Stacking Event Oregon Records Personal Records
3-3-3 2.03s 1.78s
3-6-3 2.37s 2.16s
Cycle 6.62 6.03s
Parent/Child Doubles 12.84s 10.88s

External Links[edit]

Rachael Nedrow's Sport Stacking YouTube Channel


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