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Hello, and welcome to my user page. My name is Spirit of Eagle. I started my time at Wikipedia by making a few minor grammatical edits in early 2012, before finally registering an account in May of 2012. However, I did not become particularly active until 2013. I am currently attending law school, so I'm not going to be as active on Wikipedia as I was in college. However, I still pop in fairly regularly and make edits from time to time.

What I do here[edit]

I write and expand a broad variety of articles, although I have tended to focus on articles about American history and animals. I also frequently spell-check edits to Wikipedia, revert vandalism and perform non-admin closures at AfD.

Useful things[edit]

While improving one of my older articles, I came across a few sources that contained useful information on a large range of subjects (specifically fish of West Virginia and biographies of Union officers and early 20th century Des Moines residents). I've decided to list them here in the hopes that they may be useful to other editors.