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I am founder of a small company that produces web tools and services. Scriptol is the programming language we are using and meanwhile it has not page in Wikipedia, it let us program faster and more easily.
I was a contributor of the Wikipedia, from a while, but I am busy now and have not enough time to continue. I'll return further, Wikipedia needs for contributors with serious knowledge.

Scriptol, our first programming language[edit]

Scriptol is a MAJOR programming language, for the ease of use, and the integration of XML in source code, (that is not complete again), the data format of the future!

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Notable or not notable[edit]

I have compared the first programming languages in the Alphabetical_list_of_programming_languages in Google.

In some case I got lot of result with only the name, and less results with the words "programming languages" as there are name that have other uses.

  • 2.PAK programming language: 24900
  • 20-gate: 742
  • 473L query: 478
  • 51forth: 22500
  • ABSET: 45100
  • Absys programming language: 892
  • Atoll programming language: 80200
  • Actor programming language: 10200
  • etc....

no enough time for the whole list.

  • Scriptol: 277000
  • Scriptol programming language: 236000


MSN return less result than Google, and I suppose there are unique links. You have to include all foreign languages and exclude Wikipedia for a valid result.

  • Scriptol: 3775
  • 51forth: 469
  • absys programming language 335

Have fun!