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My interests are many, but here at Wikipedia I will focus mainly on Sri Lanka, concerntrating on its history and its people.

I strongly oppose ethnicizing national, social and political issues, and politicizing ethnicity and history. This began in Sri Lanka with the British introducing communal representation and I see this as the main if not the sole cause to the ethinic conflict beween the majourity Sinhalese and one of the minorities, the Sri Lankan Tamils, in Sri Lanka.

If you disagree with my contributions, please delete or revise them, but please also give a reason and a reliable reference.

Have patience. Knowledge based on facts to educate and nourish should be the goal, not political agendas. People perceive events, present and past differently, therefore the more facts about the actual situation is made available the better it is. A free press and access to information is the only way present events can be made available to a country's population. Hindrance of this is a serious threat to peace in any country.

Fallacies and distortions of history or other events do not become factual by virtue of repeating them or how many it is repeated by – disrepancies of such distorted history and unjust claims made based on such history, will ultimately become a liability for their inventors and be their demise.

Patience is the companion of wisdom. -– St. Augustine

SriSuren (talk) 15:28, 1 September 2009 (UTC)