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After 1.5 years of reverting vandalism I've come across some special cases. Sadly I never saved them and they are largely lost in countless edit histories. Beginning December 2005 I began keeping a record of my favorite vandalisms, mostly by kids, through genuine spontaneity and warmth, add a lighter human touch to this "vomitorium of pre-digested book learning"

"this is courtney calhoun from south carolina at mauldin middle school yall betta step back because I'm commin though".

"Dalyce this is keven i think your so hot dump theo and make me ur bf i love you so much dalyce Keven Blenko 7A colonel Irvine call me dalyce.!"

"One Seljuk mercenary named Mohit singlehandedly conquered the whole of west Turkey with a primitive yet nonetheless effective version of the contemporary AK-47." -- [ First Crusade ]

"Men is for dopes!-fram~" -- [ Courtly love ]

"Sometimes I forget that I am wearing pants, but seriously, this was a pretty important battle for the French. Read this article with care." -- [ Battle of Patay ]

"hello rodrigo i love you" -- [ Italian Renaissance ]