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My work place, the Vontz Center for Molecular Studies, designed by Frank Gehry.
My university, designed by blind people.

Joe D, a.k.a Steinsky (born 1985, Stalbridge, Dorset, England). I am a genetics student at the University of the West of England in Bristol. I work for an open access publisher of biomedical journals in London.

I first found Wikipedia on July 15 2003, because of a link to Saint Swithun's day, and first edited articles on July 16 (probably), and was, for a long time, addicted. Since September 2003 I've been running the EvoWiki, a collaborative Evolution/Biology/Paleontology/Anthropology/Anti-creationism site running on MediaWiki.


As well as writing about Biological sciences, I founded the geography of the United Kingdom WikiProject to systematically add things like maps and census data to every parish in England and statistics to county articles.

Topics I'm particularly interested in (see Pages I've worked on for more info):

Plus various other topics.


I also spend my days trying to find appropriate photos for as many UK (and S. OH/N. KY) geography articles as possible. Before 2003 I occasionally took photos on my parents' old SLR (I forget what model). From Sep 2003 to May 2006 I was using FujiFilm digital point-and-shoots (A209 and A310), and since May 2006 I've been using a Nikon D50 (Nikkor 18-200, Sigma 10-20, Nikkor 50 f1.8).


Subcultural affiliations[edit]

I am a member of all of all evil liberal cabals that control Wikipedia, except for Judaism, who don't let members of the atheism cabal join. [1]

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Goldney Hall
Steinsky is located in Bristol
Shown within Bristol
Building information
Location Bristol
Country England
Architect George Tully
Client Thomas Goldney
Completion Date 1720

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