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incl This user is an inclusionist.
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ncat This page does not contain enough funny cat pictures.

Just storing some equations here. User:Stephen J. Brooks/greqns

Also, here's a page containing some visualisations of the algebraic numbers. User:Stephen J. Brooks/algebraics

Randomly generated atoms according to the atomic frequencies of elements in Earth's crust
Oxygen and Silicon atoms, the components of silicates, are removed THIS LOOKS A BIT LIKE MINECRAFT LOL.
Only the elements heavier than iron (atomic number >26) are shown here, which make up ~1 in 3000 of the total.

Explanation of boxes[edit]

I only added boxes to my wikipedia page becuase I saw that User:Cwolfsheep had some. But now he's changed his boxes to "Integrates Wikipedia", which is more sensible than the "mergist" one he had before.

Inclusionism and separatism: if someone has written a detailed account of 100 types of garden gnomes in the middle of the gardening article, you can file it away under an appropriate subarticle (or sub-subarticle...)

Eventualism: we're not here to waste effort doing the same thing twice because of overzealous deletions. Make stubs, or even red-coloured links-to-nowhere if you find a topic you want isn't covered and would like someone else to fill it in, eventually. :)

I'm actually an inclusionist to the extent that I theorise Wikipedia could have displaced Facebook if it had allowed enough un-noteworthy information about human beings. Provided the main article for "Mr. Famous Person" is who most people expect, having an article for "Mr. F. Person of Sometown, Madeupistan" wouldn't cause problems. This line of events may have fatally overloaded Wikipedia's servers, so perhaps it's just as well it didn't happen.

On the other hand, Wikipedia has been helpful enough to provide links to alternative outlets for content they do not want to include on their site.