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The American Film Manufacturing Company, also known as Flying "A" Studios, was founded in Chicago in late 1910, financed by four mid-western United States businessmen. In 1915, the name was changed to the American Film Company.[1] Operating between 1910 and 1921, Flying "A" produced over 1,200 films,[2] and "grew from a young aggressive independent, at war with the licensed manufacturers such as Biograph and Edison, to a major force in its own right".[1] Between 1912 and 1917, it was one of the largest motion picture studios in the US.[3] The company's output began with single- and split–reel films that "usually combined a short comedy with a topical subject", and growing with the rest of the industry it went on to produce films of up to seven reels.[2] All of the films in this list were distributed by the Mutual Film Corporation.


Name Release Director Writer Cast Notes Ref(s)
Break, Break, Break September 9 Harry A. Pollard Sydney Ayres Vivian Rich
Harry von Meter
Jack Richardson
B. Reeves Eason
William Garwood
Louise Lester
A single-reel silent period drama that went to 58 prints. Moving Picture World described the film: "A pretty picture telling an idyillic love story; it should go very well; for, though it depends on sentiment rather than on thrilling dramatic suspense, it holds the attention strongly and is filled with the atmosphere of the good, old-time stories and poems. The costumes are of the mid-Victorian period in rural England. Many of its scenes are as charming as good pictures. The acting is also excellent quality. Vivian Rich is the heroine; Harry Von Meter, the hero, and Jack Richardson, the light villain. Much of the action is among the hay fields and then the seashore." [4][5][6]
Cocoon and the Butterfly September 14 Sydney Ayres M.H. McKinstry Vivian Rich
Harry Von Meter
Winifred Greenwood
Jack Richardson
Louise Lester
William Garwood
A two-reel silent romance. The film was re-released in December 1917. [7]
Redemption of a Pal September 21 Henry Otto Winifred Greenwood, George Field, Edith Borella Charlotte Burton Edward Coxen A two-reel silent social drama. Moving Picture World described the film: "A two-reeler that is not dramatic, but has a pleasing, romantic sentiment. The story is slight and, as shown, not made convincing. A charity that is not explained to the hero is misunderstood by him, a reforming tough. He thinks his sweetheart who is helping a millionaire, reformed from selfishness, in a new scheme of charity, has turned against him. But soon he finds that the rich man is not furnishing a home for her; but has started a new mission of which she is to be matron." [8][9]

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