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Steve Heller is the author of a number of books on programming, some of which have been translated into other languages.

Books by Heller[edit]

  • Large Problems, Small Machines (Academic Press, hardcover, ISBN 0130094021, August 1992)
  • Efficient C/C++ Programming: Smaller, Faster, Better, 2nd Edition. (Morgan Kaufmann, paperback, ISBN 0127848169, July 1997)
  • Who's Afraid of C++? (Morgan Kaufmann, paperback, ISBN 0123390974, June 1996)
  • Who's Afraid of Java? (Morgan Kaufmann, paperback, ISBN 0123391016, July 1997)
  • Who's Afraid of More C++? (Morgan Kaufmann, paperback, ISBN 0123391040, July 1998)
  • Optimizing C++ (Prentice Hall, ISBN 0139774300, paperback, July 1998)
  • Learning to Program in C++ (Pearson Education, ISBN 0130324108, paperback, November 2000)
  • C++: A Dialog (Prentice Hall, ISBN 0130094021, paperback, August 2002)