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...those of you who offered it, that is. I'm going to semi-retire from Wikipedia now. I'll probably stop in to check on messages from time to time, and if I happen to run across a Wikipedia article that needs a grammar or spelling fix, I might do that (at least until I need to add a ref to prove that my spelling is correct). So, see you all around. StuRat (talk) 15:59, 2 November 2017 (UTC)


I'm a computer programmer specializing in FORTRAN programming for CAD/CAM (especially CATIA) and database applications. My interests vary widely from that field, however; into math, science, economics, history, etc., so I hope to contribute to many areas.

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Computer animation[edit]

Computer animation is a hobby of mine. I generate the panes using FORTRAN programs I write, then use ImageMagick to stitch them together into animated GIFs.

Here's one which requires red-blue 3D glasses:

For those of your without 3D glasses, here's a few that don't require them:

Fountain animation.

Fountain animation.gif

Morphing 3D graph.

Morphing 3D graph.gif

Hallway perspective view with shifting eye pt up-down (shaded & wireframe).

Hallway perspective view with shifting eye pt up-down shaded&wf.gif

Torus with cross-hatched wireframe (not animated).

Torus with cross-hatched wireframe.gif

Here's a discussion of some of the issues I've encountered: Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2012_April_18#how_hard_is_2.5_d.

Also see Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Mathematics/2013_March_26#Perspective_correct_interpolation_of_screen_coordinates_given_desired_texture_coordinates_on_a_plane. StuRat (talk) 20:28, 23 April 2012 (UTC)

Here's a tool for finding a range of color RGB hex codes: this one to design a gradient. The theory behind it is here.