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'Sudip Giri ( born on april 25, 1982) is a Nepali singer, songwriter, and well known composer of Nepal. After his high school graduation, within two years of beginning his musical career in 2000 A.D, he signed with the rebel creation company, and launched his very first solo album CANVASS. CANVASS became the biggest selling of nepali album of the decade in 2000 A.D. In the middle of 2005 A.D, he signed with samjhana audio video co. (p), and finally he joined to the another music company named yuva records co. (p) in 2008 A.D. He has released his three solo albums ( CANVASS, FRENZ, and KATHA ) yet. His songs titled timi aaja voli, tutnutiyo tutyo mutu, ma ta timrei ho ni, katha, and sannani ko became so popular in Nepal.

   . Canvass ( 2000 )
   . Frenz ( 2005 ) 
   . Katha ( 2009 )

Awards and nominations:-

  Image Award 2061(Best New Artist, Winner )
  Kalika Award 2061(Best Vocal of the year, Winner )
  Kalika Award 2063(Best composer of the year, Winner )
  Dhuk Dhuki Award ( 2061, Winner )
  Metro F.M. Award ( 2062, Winner )
  Hits fm music award (2060 best new artist, nomination) 
  Hits fm music award 2063 ( Best male pop vocal performance )


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