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W. W. Atkinson References Volume 2, Edition 2017[edit]

Telepathy: It's Theory, Facts and Proof[edit]

What is Telepathy Ch 1
Henry Sidgwick
Society for Psychical Research
William Crookes
Camille Flammarion
Julian Ochorowicz
Mark Twain
The Nature of the Problem Ch II
Arthur Balfour
John Stuart Mill
Experimental Telepathy Ch III
William F. Barrett
Edmund Gurney
Frederic W. H. Myers
William Benjamin Carpenter
The English Experiments CH IV
Balfour Stewart
More English Experiments Ch V
Weltmer Institute of Suggestive Therapeutics
Sidney Abram Weltmer
Northcote W. Thomas
The Theories Ch IX
Thomas L. Harris
Elisha Gray
Thomson Jay Hudson