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From launching and running a development & web hosting business as a youngster to various digital ventures, Swatantra's professional experience has shaped through an entrepreneurial spirit and keen ability to take a product from inception to delivery and beyond. Swatantra has been involved in planning, implementing and building applications for enterprises in various domains across the globe from Canada and Australia and everything in between.

He is a software architect having a background in software engineering, web development, with a wide range of technical knowledge. He has a keen solution instinct and an uncanny intuition for creating successful strategies. He has a track record of success in systems design, operation, management and technical strategies.

After architecting several web portals and eCommerce businesses, building and growing a development company came naturally. Running in house operations and managing cherry picked resources locally and around the globe, set the stage for Swatantra's passion towards technologies. Having roots in open source technologies with a wide range of technical and practical knowledge, a keen business instinct, and an uncanny intuition for creating successful business processes. A multi-faceted entrepreneur with a range of talents, a strong dose of common sense and an acute insight into human nature. Truly a man with many talents and a team to back it up.

This section is a portfolio of his interest towards Technology. Swatantra has expertise in C, C ++, PHP, XHTML, JS, CSS, AJAX, JSON, ASP & XML among Programming/Web Languages, worked on Windows 9x/ NT/ 2K/ XP/ VISTA, Linux Cent OS/ Ubuntu Operating Systems, under Apache/ LightSpeed, WAMP/ XAMPP/ LAMP/ Vertrigo Web Server used MySQL, Postgre & Oracle as DBMS/RDBMS. He has hands on experience on various Framework/Apps e.g. Joomla, WordPress, CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony, osCommerce, Smarty, jQuery, SpiderMonkey, MooTools and lots of Tools/Library like Zend Library, PEAR Package, FlexiGrid, GreyBox, LightBox, ShadowBox, CK Editor, InfusionSoft. Apart of these, API Integration/Setup is my key skills. Integrated Payment Gateway, SMS Gateway, YouTube API, Facebook Apps, Infusion Soft, Google Maps/ Calendar/ Finance/ Charts/ Translate/ Analytics/ Webmaster. I don't design websites but the architecture, I just make them work.

Having experience of more than a decade in the field, He is a true initiative taker, and great Team Player who always comes with Out-of-the Box Solution. State-of-the-art freelance professional from Financial Hub or say Financial Capital of India, Mumbai indulge into professional website development. His passion for strong, unique design and Creative expression drive him to do what he does. Hands-on experience in IT projects involving environmental and construction aspects of the engineering field. Not like many other web firms, He strive to push the boundaries of development across all mediums to create new and impressive users experiences. His creative inspiration comes mostly from the nature itself. He enjoys the work because it keeps him in contact with the technology, and some very interesting people.