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AutoSpell is a user script which corrects common misspellings in Wikipedia articles.


1. Put the following line in your monobook.js (if you are using the default monobook theme):


2. Clear your browser cache by pressing 'Ctrl+Shift+r' in Firefox or by pressing 'Ctrl+F5' in Google Chrome or by pressing 'Ctrl+Reload' in Internet Explorer.

3. You should see a 'spell' tab next to the watch/unwatch tab at the top of the page.


The script can be invoked either in edit mode or in view mode by pressing the 'spell' tab.


When invoked, the script will open the article-edit page (if necessary), then perform a sequence of search/replace commands in an attempt to correct common misspellings. Once the script has completed, it will place a brief statement in the edit summary, click 'this is a minor edit', and press the show changes button. It is up to the user to inspect the changes and accept/reject the changes. It is important that the user does not blindly accept changes, as there may be a undiscovered bug in the script and/or a misspelling may be false-positive.

Note that misspelled image and/or file names should not be corrected. In an effort to reduce this problem, the script will attempt to obfuscate such misspellings using the {{sic}} template. For example, '{{sic|aval|iable|hide=y}}' will render as 'avaliable' but will not trigger replacement. Using the {{sic}} template should prevent bots/scripts from falsely correcting these 'correct misspellings'.

Technical details[edit]

The core front-end is located in User:Symplectic Map/spell.js. The regular expressions for search/replace are located in User:Symplectic Map/misspellings.js and User:Symplectic Map/capitalizations.js. Each of these functions uses tools located in User:Symplectic Map/script.js.

Reporting Bugs[edit]

Please report any bugs on Symplectic Map's talk page.


The code was created by modifying WP:AutoEd and compiling misspellings from the lists of common misspellings.