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I changed my name from User:GoldenMeadows to taam. I really like Maat and what she represents but the name was already taken so I reversed the letters.

Nothing is perfect but I really like Wikipedia because of the many nice people who grace the place. For me it's very much a learning tool not least because of those patient editors/administrators who teach and encourage me by their example to be more human. Taam (talk) 17:43, 27 June 2009 (UTC)


ref Ancient Egyptian wisdom literature, 2nd millenium bce.[edit]

"Great is the blessing of god He makes the ignorant become the wise the hater become the lover He makes the small surpass the great, the one at the end be first… He teaches the dumb to speak and opens the ears of the deaf."[1]

Arnold Toynbee : "It is not inconceivable that they [the pyramids] may outlast man himself, and that in a world where there are no longer human minds to read their message, they will continue to testify: Before Abraham was, I Am".[2]


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