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This is a userpage directory of "automotive" userboxes. It is intended to track migrations to and help organize userboxes in userspace. For the corresponding project directory, see Wikipedia:Userboxes/Food.

You are welcome to edit this User:Talskiddy/Userboxes directory page, as long as you honor all applicable policies and guidelines. It is recommended this directory be updated in one of three basic ways:

  • If you move a userbox linked here to userspace, and then bypass redirects with a tool such as AWB, this page will be updated as part of that process.
  • If you copy-and-paste a userbox linked here to userspace, please update the links here to reflect the userspace location.
  • If you create a new userbox, feel free to add it to a directory.

For more information see Wikipedia:German userbox solution.

British food[edit]

Code Result
{{User:UBX/User likes pastys}}
Cornish pasty.jpeg This user likes a 'proper' Pasty.