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My name is Anthony. I am an independent scholar and archivist of Japanese video games based in the United States. If you'd like to speak with me, you may post on my talk page or email me for private inquiries.

こんにちは~。 アンソニーです。 私は日本のゲームの研究者です。アメリカに住んでいます。私と話したいならノートページにお書きください。

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I'm a 20-something living in Providence, Rhode Island. I'm an industrial engineer in the healthcare industry. I am always down to meet other local Wikipedians.

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I mainly edit articles about Japanese video games, especially older stuff from the mid 1980s until the early 2000s. I typically find an article I want to improve, gather all the sources, and completely rewrite it top to bottom, which is usually enough to bring it to Good Article status. I tend to work alone but enjoy collaborating if it's a game I find interesting!

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Music and video game are my two biggest loves. I don't edit many music articles because frankly I find video games more interesting. I've also been researching video games for long enough now that I can very quickly gather sources and write an article versus doing the same for an LP.

I enjoy all music. Classical, rock, electronic, hip hop, country, folk, ambient, metal, and so forth. Some of my favorite artists are The Avalanches, Brian Eno, Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, Maurice Ravel, The Beatles, Kraftwerk, Steely Dan, and Hiroshi Yoshimura. I grew up learning classical piano and continue playing to this day.

And I enjoy video games too. I own an NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, PS1, PS2, Mega Drive, Mega CD, Saturn, Dreamcast, and a consolized Neo Geo MVS. I also have some handhelds and a PC for modern games. The consoles are modified for RGB output through my Framemeister upscaler and modified for region free gaming. I have a bookcase of over 300 games, most of them imported from Japan, and I also have Everdrive flash carts. I don't play many games anymore (I prefer editing Wikipedia!) but I do enjoy most genres. My favorite games are survival horror games, but recently it's been shoot 'em ups, platformers, and run 'n' guns because they're easy to pick up and play for a bit without much commitment.

I also collect promotional posters for horror games from Japan. When the games were released, publishers would send posters to various stores to hang on their wall and promote the game. Most of these posters were destroyed but some survived. They are very hard to find, and are bid up to a pretty penny when they pop up their heads on Japanese auction sites. I'm very lucky to have about 30 posters today.

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