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Stuff to do when I suddenly find a spare life hanging around. (Anyone is welcome to beat me to doing any of the following!)

  • ponder some way to merge all these "walled garden" todo lists -- somehow resurrect "votes for rewrite"

The todo lists[edit]


  • Many users now keep a "todo" list within their personal space -- but many users also add a "but please beat me to it!"
  • Many articles' talk pages have notes & queries which go unresolved for months (qv my watchlist...).
  • Recent changes goes by too quickly for people to see questions that they might be able to answer.

Instead of keeping personal lists, we should start using Wikipedia:Pages needing attention more -- but change it to be a hub of sorts. From this, we'd have pages for different sorts of things to do:

  • deletion requests
  • NPOVing
  • factual questions (someone with knowledge of the subject is needed)
  • copyediting / rewrites for clarity (ie work that someone can do with no knowledge of the subject other than what they read in the article itself)
  • merging duplicates
  • renaming
  • Find or fix a stub, of course
  • & maybe others