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Information.png This user is inactive and thus will not be able to respond to messages quickly.

I'll be back on the weekend but I will do my best to lurk on IRC. If you need to talk to me contact me here.

Nuvola apps clock.png The time in my country is: 19:18, April 25, 2017 (Tuesday) (purge)

If I am not replying it is because I am busy or asleep.

Hi! I'm TechFilmer (also known as skasturi), and I've been around on Wikia since June of 2012/December of 2009 but I only joined Wikipedia in March of 2013. You may realy see me here but I am highly active on my home wiki Avatar Wiki You can contact me there.

What do I do on Wikipeda? Currently I spend my time proofreading articles, mostly the article I am reading at the moment. I also am a formatting freak and try to Wikify things. I am working towards earning my Autopatrolled rights, after which I intend to earn rollback and reviewer rights. I also love contributing to Featured Picture nominations.

Who am I in real life? I am an awesome person. However I would not to like to reveal any thing else about myself for privacy reasons. I will say however that I am a student. I also am a HUGE fan of The Inheritance Cycle and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Need help with coding? I am working on creating easy to read guides for people to use. Just click to Learn button below each of the guides that are published.

Learn References
Refs can be added by typing
<ref name="what ever you want to name it">place reference here</ref>
which in turn gives you [1]. You may reuse the same reference multiple times by typing
<ref name="what ever you want to name it" />
after the first instance above giving you.[1] Once you are done with that add
== References ==
at the bottom of the pages. This will give you this:


  1. ^ a b place reference here

Learn Headings

Headings come in many different sizes. While in HTML an h1 heading is denoted by <h1>, in wikitext, it is denoted by an = sign. For instance if I wanted an h1 heading I would type what is below. However, it is unadvisable to use h1 headings in an article, always use h2 headings such as the ones below.

= h1 =


== h2 ==


=== h3 ===


==== h4 ====


===== h5 =====
====== h6 ======
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