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"No, I just came up with the name on the fly. I don't think I would do it again.".

— Me, concerning the origin of my Online Name

The Man[edit]

I joined Wikipedia a while back. I'm not a regular editor, nor a regular talker, but I do occasionally know what I'm talking about. I know a lot about computing, video games (especially classics; 1979-1995 era in my opinion), film (I guess that includes movies too), and a bunch of other stuff. If you ever had a question about these, I would most likely have the answer.

I would add more to pages relating to this, but the pages are so well done I can't possibly add any more sections.

The Name[edit]

With the recent and tragic death of Senator Ted Kennedy, my name has come into question A LOT on other forums and communities on the Internet. I don't mean any disrespect at all. In fact, the name first came up as an Avatar on the popular Dreamcast game Phantasy Star Online. Since then, it has become a staple for me on many forums, MMORPGS, and even titles on local tournaments for gaming. I think I would be disrespecting the man not by just using his name, but by being a flamer or a jackass on the Internet. Instead, I compose myself with dignity, just as he would have. So if you have a problem with the name, I just say deal with it. If I changed my name just because of the man's death, it would upset my consistency in my names I had been building for nearly a decade.