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Hello! I became interested in helping develop Wikipedia mostly as a chemistry resource something like 5 years ago. I've been interested in the transport of [dangerous goods] since I was a teenager and have spent a considerable time editing and updating the [List of UN numbers] pages. I'm interested in hyperlinking all the [UN number]s to their corresponding substances, and vice-versa, wherever possible.

At present this is a slow and laborious task because I currently don't have the computer skills to develop bots or macros for this purpose. Automating this process is a small, peripheral dream I sometimes have so hints for developing the required skills would be most welcome. This would also tie in to my ideas for getting into open-source chemoinformantics, although I like the outdoors too much for any serious involvement in such matters (and my spell checker seems to think the word doesn't exist!)

I also check and where necessary edit articles on organic compounds on an ongoing basis as I have a pretty good proofreading eye.