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DC Crises
The guide for the Multiverse
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DC Crises[edit]

The guide for the Multiverse[edit]

The Set-Up
Multiverse (DC Comics)
Crisis on Infinite Earths
Millennium (comics)
Zero Hour: Crisis in Time
Identity Crisis (comics)
Countdown to Infinite Crisis
The OMAC Project
Infinite Crisis
Character changes during Infinite Crisis
Continuity changes during Infinite Crisis
52 (comics)
One Year Later
Sinestro Corps War
Countdown to Final Crisis
Death of the New Gods
Final Crisis
Main Characters
Monitors (comics)
Monitor (comics)
Harbinger (DC Comics)
Guardians of the Universe
Alexander Luthor, Jr.
Libra (DC Comics)
Parallax (comics)
Flash (comics)
Superman (Earth-Two)
Donna Troy
List of DC Multiverse worlds