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The real Spiderman, on his way to fix one important problem.
We all have to handle the rest of the world's problems.
Pick your problem.
Do no harm, but at the risk of committing only to inaction - accomplish good as well. Evil requires no great tools or creativity to spread; only that each of us imagine, wrongly, that the world has all the heroes it needs. [Confessions 1]

That summarizes it.

Ideas for Wikipedia[edit]

My next focus: "Guesstimate of number of reader experiences improved."[edit]

Writers like to know how many hits their web pages get. On Wikipedia, we could use a stat like that. As a frequent writer, one of my hopes/greatest rewards is others to read my work (even if they don't know it's me). We could provide authors, in a single screen, maybe in one stat, with a rough idea of the number of people they are reaching. I mean, by my lazy estimates, my own writing (for example) could be helping around 30 000 people think each day! How cool.

Other stuff[edit]

By the way, here is a cool editing tool someone made: Man, I should really keep an eye on WP:SCOTM

Humorous section[edit]

Coming soon

About me[edit]

Yes please, I'll have some Secular Humanism.

I focus on editing stuff about psychology (really, all science) and philosophy. I try and make Wikipedia a pleasure to read - but also more skeptical (Wikipedia should be compelling in its coverage of these topics).

Wait, who is this?

Anyway, I am sure I can be a bit brash and bold with my editing - but I know you won't be afraid to disagree.

Stuff my biases (subject to change)
Epistemology Empiricism, Rationalism, Skepticism
Ethics Moral scientist (e.g. working with the character strengths and virtue book for now). I also really dig Secular humanism - specifically Personism.
Free will Hard determinist for now, and I believe in compatibilistic free will (only because phrasing it as "incompatibilistic non-free will" affects people's self efficacy)
Future Scientific Progress, Technological singularity
God(s) Agnostic atheism
Politics Liberal democracy, and as hippie as I can justify considering I am a scientist

Relevant pages[edit]


Other pages that I have spent a lot of time on include...

And when a page screams for a diagram, I whip out Photoshop or Blender...
RetrospectiveConstructionGraph copy.jpg RetrospectiveConstructionTrials.jpg TimingConsciousIntentiontoMoveHistogram.jpg ForwardModelMotorControl copy.jpg LibetClock.jpg CognitiveDissonanceDiagram.jpg DeterminismXFreeWill.jpg LyubomirskyHappiness.jpg HarmCausedByDrugsTable.jpg SecularHumanismLogo3DBlue.png IntroducingToEvolutionHandout.png

Like my contributions? Let us collaborate. Especially near Toronto.


  1. ^ My opinion.