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Successful Page Reverts Unsuccessful Page Reverts Warnings Given Reports to WP:AIV
900 233 869 7

Basic Operation[edit]

  1. Monitors all minor changes in the main namespace using the IRC recent changes feed
  2. Checks if the diff matches a pre-defined list of common test edits and makes sure it doesn't include a large amount of other content to reduce false positives
  3. Reverts the edit the user made if it seems likely to be a test edit
  4. Warns the user on their talk page, or reports the user to WP:AIV if they have received sufficient warnings

Trigger List[edit]

Site List[edit]

Vital Statistics[edit]

  • Keeps track of reverts made in the past 24 hours to follow WP:1RR
  • Written in Python
    • Using modified pywikipedia framework
  • Automatic operation, unassisted
  • Written, maintained, and run by tj9991
This user is a bot
(talk · contribs)
Testeditbot ss.png
TestEditBot identifies and reverts short test edits.
Operator tj9991
Approved? Yes
Flagged? Yes No (With permission)
Edit period(s) Continuous
Automatic or manual? Automatic
Programming language(s) Python (pywikipedia)
Exclusion compliant? No
Source code published? No
Emergency shutoff-compliant? Yes
Other information Hosted by ClueNet