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This is your adoption subpage. This page will be critical to your adoption training process. What you do with this page will be described in assignments. All lessons will be found here.

How to Hand In Assignments[edit]

  1. Beside the "Assignments" heding, click edit
  2. Scroll to the bottom, and put ===*Insert lesson name here*===
  3. Do the assignment below what you did
  4. I will come check once in a while and grade assignments. Your scores will be mentioned on the bottom of your assignment.

That is all! Good luck completing you assignments!

Leujohn, Thanks for taking your time and helping me with this. Looking foward to this training. Testing123 (talk) 13:32, 25 November 2008 (UTC)


For your convenience, I'll transclude the lessons to here. (You will learn what transclude means in the lessons)

Hello all adoptees. This is where you will find all your lessons that you will do. Feel free to take your time, but please finish at least one course per month, or you will be considered inactive. Any questions are welcome at my talk page. In order to graduate, you need to do all of the required courses, and three selective courses. When you meet these requirements, I will give you a test based on how well you did on your assignments. Should you indeed learned something, you should easily be able to get 70% (pass is 65%) without studying.

Required courses[edit]

The Basics[edit]

Before you start any assignments, read through The tutorial or you will have difficulty turning in assignments.


Selective Courses[edit]