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I Am Civil War enthusiast. Have been for many years. Have read numerous books on the topic, including many written by Bruce Catton. Don't have any real writing or editing strategy except, when the mood strikes me, I pick a topic and share some of what I have learned.

Of Civil War battles, I am most interested in the most desperate contests. Lots of people know about Antietam and Gettysburg, but not many know about Hancock's May 12th assault at Spotsylvania Court House and the heroic Confederate response. What is it that could make men fight with kind of intensity? I don't know, but it captures my imagination.

The same goes for John Bell Hood's attack at Franklin TN in 1864. That late in the war, there were no misconceptions or romantic notions what the fighting was all about. Both sides knew it was about the bloody business of killing, and they were expert at it. That understood, it is still hard for me to believe that the fighting that erupted was so intense that 6 Confederate Generals (including Patrick Cleburne) were killed in less than 40 minutes.