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Polygnostic Morphism is a pseudo-spiritual (or possibly multi-spiritual) alignment whose adherents pick what they like the look of best from a number of different religious and philosophical affiliations, ideas and pathways. Polygnostic Morphists include in this category total atheism.

The Polygnostic Morphist will choose, on a day-to-day (maybe even second-to-second) basis which aspects of which pathways to combine, making this deeply philosophical judgment on the basis of:

  • Which is most convenient at the time
  • Which is most appealing at the time
  • Which hasn't been used for a while
  • Which combination hasn't yet been tried out, but might show promise

The philosotheology of Polygnostic Morphism is founded on simple concepts. There might well be some kind of greater spiritual being, belief in whom/which could assure one's entry into an enjoyable afterlife. On this basis, believing in it is a good way of hedging one's bets: if it exists, you're OK, and if it doesn't exist, you haven't actually lost anything. On days when total atheism seems to be taking preference, the Polygnostic Morphist rationalises this on the understanding that if there were such a Greater Spiritual Being, and if he/she were any good, they would be the forgiving kind and would understand totally the spiritual confusion which existed at the time, and therefore make allowances for it. The Polygnostic Morphist has very few rules, which are simple.

  1. Be caring
  2. Be nice wherever possible
  3. Be helpful as and when convenient or appealing
  4. If you have to be nasty, be so damned nasty that nobody in their right mind would want to take you on
    (This involves an internal ritual known as Embracing The Dark Side)[1][2][3]

Polygnostic Morphism is probably the first spiritual pathway to have been created in Wikipedia itself (10 May, 2012).


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