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Manual test[edit]

An operator uses a series of 4-bar targets of different spatial frequencies. For each target he/she adjusts the blackbody, (source of Infrared radiation), temperature up and down untill the pattern is "just resolvable." The positive and negative temperature differences are inputed into a two dimensional array. The corresponding spatial frequencies used in each test are also inputed into an array. The MRTD curve is a plot of these arrays (just resolvable temperature difference versus target spatial frequency). From the experimental MRTD curve, a general polynomial best fit is calculated and the result of the MRTD polynomial best fit is found.[1]


    • = array of just resolvable temperature differences
    • = array of spatial frequences
    • = MRTD curve
MRTD polynomial best fit[edit]

    • = output sequence best fit
    • = input array of X values
    • = best fit polynomial coefficients
    • = polynomial order
    • = input array of Y values
    • = number of data points
    • ^ EO TestLab Methodology