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I'm generally reserved!

Credentials may be used to boast ones ego and/or to help conform to narrow minded views. One need only rely on exercising logic in making assessments.

... and without the Natural Laws, there would be no logic to speak of.

I'm leaving Wikipedia[edit]

I'm leaving Wiki with its numerous mistakes and inaccuracies to the supervising editor Vsmith who doesn't contribute much in terms of additions, but repeatedly deletes my contributions. I am not a fool to waste more energy in enriching Wiki just to have it wasted by someone who uses own ignorance as a standard of judging what belongs on a page; his head is apparently way too big now to be able to pull out easily!

I'm throughly disappointed in Wiki. Not just for having so many overlooked mistakes on various pages to begin with, but also now for giving free reign to inapt supervising editors that affectively thwart progress.

I won't be recommending you Wiki... not anytime soon. You will have to do some self healing first. The shaman poet (talk) 02:13, 29 May 2014 (UTC)