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I’m one of the millions of people who travel for a living. My job is always in Somewhere, USA. I don’t know where I’ll be from week to week. I live in hotels, airports, and rental cars. I have more frequent traveler miles than you’ll ever dream of. I’m the Elite, Platinum, Titanium, Gold, Ambassador, or whatever the top honor is in just about every travel program out there. I’m that guy standing in front of you in the security line at the airport… the guy sitting in the second row (no underseat storage in the first row - that sucks!) of first class on the plane, watching you get on board because my Elite status lets me get on first… the guy who hangs his “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door of my hotel room because Housekeeping thinks I get up at the crack of dawn. I am TheBisch.

I’ve got a marketing degree, and I don’t market a thing. I wasted my college years and educational dollars on boobies and beer. I spent my first two years out of college on top of the world, working for software companies and dotcoms. Then the Internet bubble burst and since then I’ve been reduced to traveling for whatever my employer can toss my way.

For what little time I have for fun… I am forever and always an Auburn Tiger and love watching the Tigers play football. I enjoy a good movie, watching TV, listening to music (I have a very crazy diverse taste in music), reading and writing obviously, and burning away the dull hours in my hotel room cleaning up Wikipedia.